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At Hauroko Valley Primary School, the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa guides all decisions around our localised curriculum.


Our Curriculum is structured into three key areas.

  • English

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Hauroko Inquiry / Integrated Curriculum

At Hauroko Valley Primary School English, Mathematics, and Statistics are prioritized learning areas. They are specifically timetabled and taught during optimal learning times with explicit teaching of identified knowledge and skills.


Teachers make links to our Hauroko Inquiry Curriculum to provide an authentic context for learning.
The Hauroko Integrated Curriculum incorporates the teaching and learning of Science, Social Science, Technology, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Learning Languages.  This is based around key concepts and enduring understandings that we have identified as being both essential and relevant for our students. These concepts provide natural links across learning areas and ensure coverage of all strands.

At Hauroko Valley Primary School we utilize a 3-year cycle to ensure that there is appropriate coverage of the identified learning concepts and corresponding enduring understandings, ensuring all strands are covered over this period of time. Staff will review every 3 years and choose concepts relevant and essential to our children and the environment.

Possible concepts/themes include:

Energy, Diversity, Systems, Change, Interactions, Sustainability, and Challenge.

Inquiry/Integrated Curriculum Implementation Framework

Year - Concept

2024 - Connections

2023 - Interactions

2022 - Systems

2021 - Diversity
2020 - Sustainability


Curriculum: Academics
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